Paediatric small-bowel intussusception on ultrasound – a case report with differentiating features from the ileocolic subtype

Pushkar Mendiratta1, Anurav Yadav2, Nitin Borse2

Affiliation and address for correspondence
J Ultrason 2021; 21: e70–e73
DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2021.0011

Aim of the study: Intussusception is a common paediatric emergency which can be diagnosed with relative certainty by ultrasonography in trained hands. Both the ileocolic and small-bowel intussusception have overlapping clinical features and imaging findings on ultrasound. The aim is to differentiate between both subtypes based on selective differentiating features which should always be looked for while performing an ultrasound examination in suspected cases. Differentiating between the two subtypes is essential, since patient management may differ depending on the subtype. Case description: We present a case of a 12-year-old boy who presented to our hospital with pain in the abdomen. An emergency ultrasound revealed findings suggestive of small- bowel intussusception. A brief description of the differentiating points from the ileocolic subtype is also described. Conclusions: Based on the features described, it is possible to confidently differentiate between the two subtypes, which is a guiding factor for treatment.

Doppler, mesentery, intussusception, ultrasonography