The Rules and Regulations of the Competition for the Award of the Polish Ultrasound Society and “Journal of Ultrasonography” for the best publication in the quarterly “Journal of Ultrasonography”

  1. At the initiative of the Executive Board of the Polish Ultrasound Society and the Editors of “Journal of Ultrasonography” (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer), an annual Prize is established whose aim is the promotion of achievements in the field of ultrasonography.
  2. The Prize shall be of cyclical character and shall be awarded annually for the best publication in “Journal of Ultrasonography” in the calendar year that precedes the year of awarding the Prize.
  3. The Prize shall be awarded in two categories: 1) below 35 years of age; 2) above 35 years of age. The age that qualifies a publication to one of the categories mentioned herein shall be the age of the first author at the moment of submitting the paper.
  4. Sending an article to the Editors of “Journal of Ultrasonography” with the intention to publish it, shall be equivalent with a consent for the participation in the Competition. The authors confirm their participation by indicating an adequate age category in the Cover Letter which may be downloaded from the website:
  5. The Prize of PLN 1000 (net) shall be awarded to the first Author of the publication.
  6. The Laureates shall be chosen by the Competition Chapter composed of: The president of the Chapter, i.e. the Editor-in-Chief of the periodical “Journal of Ultrasonography,” the President of the Polish Ultrasound Society, members of the Polish Ultrasound Society and two persons representing the Editors of the quarterly journal, i.e. the Publisher and Managing Editor.
  7. When assessing the publications, the Chapter shall take into account: the scientific level, innovation, significance of the publication for knowledge development, editorial and linguistic quality, manner of presentation of outcomes and knowledge of pertinent literature.
  8. Until January of the following calendar year, the Chapter shall select the laureates in two age categories and subsequently, the voting shall commence. If the voting is inconclusive, the President of the Chapter shall have a deciding vote.
  9. In exceptional cases, the Chapter may apply for rewarding more than one publication in a given age category.
  10. The results of the competition from a given calendar year shall be announced in the first issue of “Journal of Ultrasonography” in the following year and on the websites of the Polish Ultrasound Society and “Journal of Ultrasonography” (
  11. The Laureates shall be informed about the results via telephone or by conventional or electronic mail.
  12. The Laureates shall provide the Organizer with personal details essential for taxing purposes.
  13. The Prize in the competition shall be treated as revenues from the source specified in Article 10 section 1 point 9 of the Act on the personal income tax of 26 July 1991 (consolidated text: Dz.U. – Poland's Journal of Laws – of 2010, No. 51, item 307 as amended) and is subject to a flat-rate income tax of 10% of the Prize according to Article 30 section 1 point 2 of this Act. The tax shall be paid by the Organizer who holds the function of the withholding agent.
  14. The Prize shall be paid to the Laureate by wire transfer to the specified bank account or in cash (as decided by the Laureate) within 30 days from the day of awarding the Prize.
  15. The Polish Ultrasound Society and the Editors of “Journal of Ultrasonography” reserve the rights to alter these Rules and Regulations and to withdraw the competition without providing any reasons.
  16. These Regulations shall become effective as of the day of their approval by the Organizer.