High frequency ultrasound assessment of labial glands simulating small nodules or granulomas after lip augmentation

Ewa Skrzypek1, Robert Krzysztof Mlosek2

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J Ultrason 2020; 20: e261–e267
DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2020.0046
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Aim of the study: The aim of this study is to evaluate the utility of high-frequency ultrasound in the assessment of the nature and differentiation of lumps occurring in the labial mucosa after lip filling procedures. Material and methods: The study sample included 5 women aged from 28 to 43 years (mean age: 37.4 years) who previously underwent a lip augmentation or rejuvenation procedure. Photographic documentation was taken and high-frequency ultrasound assessment was performed in all the patients. The presence of deposits, foreign body granulomas, fibrosis and labial glands was mainly investigated taking into account the shape of the abnormalities, their margins, surface area, location and echogenicity. In order to confirm the diagnosis, histopathological examination was performed. Results: The examinations performed made it possible to differentiate between granulomas and persistent deposit nodules and to demonstrate the presence of massive fibrosis and of labial glands pushed out by these abnormalities with the glands presenting as hypoechoic oval areas. Histopathological examination confirmed the morphology of labial glands reported by the patients as uncomfortable lumps felt from the side of the mucosa, which clinically simulate persistent deposit nodules or granulomas. Conclusions: High-frequency ultrasound is a method that is essential for the correct differentiation between complications of tissue filler procedures. This, in turn, makes it possible to apply the right treatment. In this study, it was demonstrated for the first time that the lumps reported by patients who have had a lip filling procedure may be the result of labial glands being pushed out by deposits, granulomas or massive fibrosis, which are complications of such procedures.

lips, fillers, complications, labial glands, high-frequency ultrasound