Considerations about the multidimensional evaluation of a stab wound tibial neuropathy: a case report

Pietro Antenucci1, Domenico Carlucci2, Maura Pugliatti1, Marta Lucchetta2

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J Ultrason 2023; 23: e97–e100
DOI: 10.15557/JoU.2023.0017
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We present a rare case of a traumatic lesion of the tibial fibers of the sciatic nerve with spared peroneal fibers. A 33-year-old victim of a three month earlier stabbing attack came to our attention with gait impairment and weakened left foot plantar flexion and left foot internal rotation and supination. Based upon clinical signs and neurophysiological investigations we suspected that a traumatic injury of the left tibial nerve had occurred. Ultrasound examination detected a lesion of part of the left sciatic nerve, in a different site than expected. The patient was immediately enlisted for a tailored surgical reconstruction.

peripheral nerve diagnosis; nerve ultrasound; sciatic nerve; tibial nerve; mononeuropathy